Partner spotlight: Kristian Windahl, Coach and co‑founder Forward by My

Learning Together in a Holistic Way

“It’s a partnership that enables me to give my customers sustainable result over time.”

– Kristian Windahl Coach and founder Forward by My

The company

Forward By My was founded on the belief of a society with a holistic way of learning together and acting where there is room for people to develop. Their method helps individuals, team and organizations to continuously learn and reach the next level. They offer among other things: Coaching and Mentoring, Innovation and Change Management, Facilitation and Lectures.

Our story

For us, Brito was a concept that integrated seamlessly into our offer, but that would never had been enough if we didn’t share a common vision about the future. We know that the team at Brito is committed to move the needle towards a more sustainable and resilient society and we share the belief how to get there. By continuously measuring what matters, learning together and gain the insight needed to make a difference, we know that is the way to go in an ever changing world.

Full service offer for learning together

Together with the team at Brito we have created a packaged offer for our customers where we can provide them with a “full-service offer” covering all steps from input to outcome. The beauty of it is that it’s so easy to adapt depending on type of customer or where the customer is in their journey.

Success factors for a good partnership

  • Align on the expectations and values!
  • Make sure there is a long term perspective on the partnership. We are here to co-create.
  • Start small, test and adjust
  • GEFN-SETT, Good enough for now, safe enough to try.

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