Partner spotlight: Anna-Maria Waara, CEO Waara ledare

Future Partnership and Motivational Cooperation

“Motivation boost performance. It’s great knowing that I have a concept that gives added value to my product portfolio as well as having a partner that shares my values”

– Anna-Maria Waara, CEO Waara ledare

Future partnership

Waara ledare ( has a clear vision, increase motivation on our work places from on average 27% to 95%.

They have developed a proven methodology that works in practice, which is based on the latest research on motivation and how it affects individual and group performance and well being in organizations.

The methodology is incorporated in their two service areas: motivation based change management and motivation based leadership.

Our story

We were looking for a future partnership that could support our way of working. Brito turned out to be the piece of the puzzle that was missing.

Having the right tool is very important. Even further, the team behind Brito and the long term thinking was more important before taking any final decision.

Integrated part in our methodology

Brito is now an integrated part of our methodology and became the partnership for the future. Even more, it ensures that we can create long term value for our customers over time. It is clear and intuitive to use and gives us every time something new to consider in our working management. The best way to use it is to know that every relationship is based on the results of longer period of dedication and self improvement in every aspect of the work.

Success factors for a good partnership

  • Always good to start with a clear case
  • Make sure the partnership really creates value for both parties
  • Establish trust

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