Case: 4 success factors that works for us

Sharing the True Meaning of Championship

Brito helps us live our values with continuous improvements and to develop as leaders and individuals.


Myohliv is a value driven engineering consulting company targeting mainly infrastructure and industrial enterprises. Our guiding principle is to create opportunities and share the championship meaning:

  • As our employee, you are always a part of the development of the company
  • We take off from the customers need and tailor that best meets that need
  • We work with full transparency in everything we do within the company
  • Self leadership and autonomy is the foundation of how we are organized
  • The thought doesn’t count, only what actually gets done!

Where do you want to be 

We shall feel good and be good! It means that we want to run a sustainable business, where there is a balance between economic, social and environmental performance.

Change is our status quo! The world around us is constantly changing and we must always be ready to develop and adapt.

Everyone is involved and it is crucial to follow up how change is affecting us. We believe in regular measurement and evaluation and that it creates the prerequisites for change to be successful.

How does it work

Brito gives us the tool needed to work with regular measurement and continuous improvement. Whit that in mind, we measure on a weekly basis and it gives us the insight to act on what is important to ensure participation within the team. The weekly result is the basis for discussion where we are in terms of our work environment and where we want to be.

What value does it bring

Insight for discussion – Brito gives us the basis for discussion and to ensure participation from the team.

Agile and preventive – It gives us the possibility to work in an agile way, adjust when needed and have a way to see that actions taken had the intended effect. A good example is during the corona crisis where Brito was instrumental in ensuring that the measures actually addressed people’s concerns in a time where the world is upside down.

Success factors

High ceiling – You really need to encourage people and create an environment where it´s ok to speak their mind.

Practice what we preach – We don´t talk, we actually do. We act on the result. Follow up and ensure that everyone is part in deciding how to proceed.

We like equal-different – We see it as a strength that we are different and that we have different opinions.

GEFN-SETTGood enough for know, safe enough to try.

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